We’re in the Shapeways Holiday Gift Guide!

Seven of our wax seal designs have earned places in the Shapeways Holiday Gift Guide for 2016!  Order from this list by November 20 with coupon code “SHIP4FREE” to get free shipping on your order.  With normal production times, ordering then should it to you about the week of December 5, in time for sealing your own holiday cards or gifting.  Here are our winners:

Locomotive Wax Seal http://shpws.me/MNtt

Locomotive Wax Seal






Menorah Wax Seal http://shpws.me/MNhE
Menorah Wax Seal






Microscope Wax Seal http://shpws.me/MgOn

Microscope Wax Seal






Music Notes Wax Seal http://shpws.me/JD62

Music Notes Wax Seal





Snowflake Wax Seal http://shpws.me/D04p

Snowflake Wax Seal






Vizsla (dog) Wax Seal http://shpws.me/MzH5

Vizsla (dog) Wax Seal





Gear Wax Seal http://shpws.me/GYcx

Gear Wax Seal