Seals and Signets

Use of wax seals to protect and authenticate documents has a history going back at least to the Pharaohs of Egypt and remained popular up until the beginning of the 20th century.  We are bringing back the tradition using the modern technology of metal 3D printing.  Most of these seals are made from stainless steel powder infused with bronze to hold the particles together in a process that leaves almost zero waste material.  We can also have the stainless steel plated in gold or bronze, or the entire item can be made from sterling silver made with a lost wax casting process for an additional charge.  A range of stock symbols are available, or you can order a custom seal with a personal or business logo.  Seals can also be made into rings, referred to as signet rings.  These work best if the symbol is symmetric, as the engraving on the ring will be a mirror image of the impression.  Please request signet rings with stock symbols though the Contact page and remember to include your ring size.  You can also order a ring with a custom symbol.Thanks to the flexibility of the manufacturing process, it’s easy to create cuff links featuring any symbol you see on any of the other products here – again, the Contact page is your friend for this.

If you’ve ever said (or heard somebody say), “A wax seal looks cool, but how do I do that?”, this is your answer. Learn what tools and products you will need, how to use them, and where to get them.

Special thanks to Karma Pictures for help with videography and editing.